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Co-Director of AQMeN and Director, Sheffield Methods Institute
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Sheffield Methods Institute
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Urban segregation and inequality, economics.
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Gwilym's background is in economics, but he has worked across a variety of inter-disciplinary topics including the socio-economic impacts of climate change, urban segregation and inequality, and housing supply. His core research interests, however, are in urban economics and most of his research publications have been on urban inequality, residential housing and mortgage markets.
He is a member of the UK Government's Economic Advisory Panel for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. He was formerly Associate Director of the ESRC Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC) and a member of the Planning and Housing Expert Panel (Department of Communities and Local Government). He has been an academic advisor to the HM Treasury Barker Review of Housing Supply, the National Statisticians Review of Housing Market Statistics, and the Financial Services Authority Mortgage Market Review; and has provided research, consultancy and advice to a wide variety of private and public sector organisations.
His statistical expertise is largely in the area of regression analysis using Stata. He has used a range of regression techniques, including logit, probit, ordered logit, two-stage least squares, fractional logit, fractional probit, Log-logistic/Weibull/Cox time-to-event models, Klein and Moeschberger kernel smoothed hazard functions, Multiple Fractional Polynomial estimation, gravity based distance decay functions and regression with bootstrapped standard errors. He has extensive experience of programming in Stata, and of leading quantitative research projects.