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Associate Research Professor at ESRI & Adjunct Professor at TCD
Economic and Social Research Centre, Dublin
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Post-school transitions
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Dr Selina McCoy is joint programme coordinator of Education Research at the ESRI and Adjunct Professor at Trinity College, Dublin. She has worked extensively on key policy-relevant educational issues, spanning primary, second-level, further and higher education sectors.
She recently led the 'Leaving School in Ireland' study, tracking how young people experience post-school transitions. Currently, as part of an ESRI-TCD research team, she is examining how special classes are operating in primary and second-level schools. She is also assessing the impact of high speed broadband on teaching and learning across second-level schools. Her current research projects also include reviews of the School Completion Programme and the DEIS programme. She is involved in a European study on primary school effectiveness in maths and science and in the Education and Social Stratification strand of AQMeN.