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AQMeN Research Fellow
University of Edinburgh
Moray House School of Education
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Social Stratification and Inequalities, Life Course, Family Demography
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I joined the AQMeN in October 2015. I am an applied social researcher using quantitative methods, with a strong research interest in social stratification and how social inequalities in education, labour force and family behaviour shape individuals’ life-chances across their life-course and in different contexts.

My PhD thesis (PhD in Social Statistics and Demography, University of Southampton) examined the link between parental education, intergenerational educational mobility and fertility and my MSc. thesis (MSc. in Sociology, University of Groningen) explored the relationship between social origin (i.e. parental education and social class) and typologies of transition to adulthood in different welfare regimes. More recently, I have also worked on a project examining whether there is a universal age when young graduates become independent from their family of origin (project funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England, joint work between University of York and University of Southampton).

In my research I have relied on different large-scale surveys providing longitudinal data, including retrospective histories (e.g. British Household Panel Survey, Understanding Society, Generations and Gender Survey, Harmonized Histories) and cross-sectional data (e.g. European Social Survey, Labour Force Survey). I have used various quantitative methods (e.g. discrete-time hazard models, diagonal reference models, multiple regression, sequence analysis, multilevel models, structural equation models etc.) and different statistical software (e.g. STATA, SPSS, R (TraMineR, gnm), AMOS, MLwiN).