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Director of AQMeN
University of Edinburgh
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I am Director of the Applied Quantitative Methods Network (AQMeN). My role is to provide strategic direction to the programme of work being developed by this major policy-focused Research Centre, which includes overseeing the three main strands of research and the various linked research projects. I also ensure that we provide a broad programme of training to build capacity in the quantitative methods skills amongst the UK social science community, and undertake knowledge exchange and public engagement activities in order to ensure our research directly informs policy and practice.  I am also Co-Director of the Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime, a prospective longitudinal study of youth offending; and leader of the CJ-Quest network for the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, which aims to deliver high quality quantitative criminological research in Scotland. My research interests include youth crime and justice, patterns and trends in offending and victimisation, and criminal careers through the life-course.  I am an experienced user of SPSS, Stata and MPlus. My analytical expertise includes regression modelling (particularly using categorical dependent variables), semi-parametric group-based trajectory modelling and other latent variable techniques, and quasi-experimental methods such as propensity score matching.