Education and Social Stratification

Presentations now available from The Future of Education Data in Scotland

We are pleased to share the presentations from 'The Future of Education Data in Scotland' event which took place on 13th June in collaboration with The Scottish Government Education Analysis Division. 

This one day seminar gave delegates an insight into the rich variety of education data sources available in Scotland and how this data is used by analysts and researchers from across Scottish Government and ScotCen and by AQMeN researchers from the University of Edinburgh and Sheffield Methods Institute. 

Why education matters for democracy

AQMeN Research Briefing 11 - Why education matters for democracy - looks at the connection between an individual's education and their likelihood of participating in democracy. 

Key points: 

Beyond Access to HE: Widening Access Initiatives and Student Retention in Scotland

This research report analyses non-continuation rates in higher education (HE) among Scottish young people from different social backgrounds and with protected characteristics (i.e. gender, ethnicity and disability). In relation to nation-wide initiatives on widening access, this study provides new evidence on non-continuation rates of students who attended schools involved in the SFC-funded Schools for Higher Education Programme (SHEP) and students articulating from Colleges to HE institutions.

Key findings

Summary report - Social Inequalities in Education: Why and How National Institutional Factors Matter

This summary report brings together research presented by AQMeN researchers from the Education and Social Stratification strand with the comments and feedback from policy and practitioner delegates at an event which took place as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science in November 2015. 

Higher education selection: implications for social inequality - ESRI Research Bulletin

This bulletin summarises the findings from: Cristina Iannelli, Emer Smyth and Markus Klein (2015), Curriculum differentiation and social inequality in higher education entry in Scotland and Ireland, British Educational Research Journal.

Subject choice in Scottish schools "discriminates" against poorer pupils - Herald Scotland

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 00:00

Pupils from Scotland's poorest backgrounds are being excluded from university because of subject choices at school, new research shows.

Herald Scotland quotes Professor Cristina Iannelli and research from AQMeN's Education and Social Stratification strand.

Subject choice is vital in improving children's life chances, researchers say - TESS

Friday, November 20, 2015 - 00:00

Times Educational Supplement Scotland draws on research from the AQMeN Education and Social Stratification strand, looking at the role of subject choice in creating inequalities in access to education.


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