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I'm less than positive that destination data is sound - TESS

Friday, July 7, 2017 - 00:00

Cristina Iannelli wrote this opinion piece for the Times Educational Supplement Scotland on the truth about positive destination data for school leavers in Scotland.

Read the article online at TESS.

Social inequalities in graduates’ labour market outcomes

There are a number of areas of focus within this project:

1. Examining inequalities in graduates’ labour market outcomes across the life-course

Curriculum choices and school-to-work transitions among upper-secondary school leavers in Scotland and Ireland

This study aims to unpack the influence of curriculum choices in secondary education on young people’s labour market destinations in Ireland and Scotland, two countries which share many similarities in their transition and post-16 education systems but differ in the degree of student subject choice at upper-secondary level. Using regression analyses of school leavers’ survey data from both countries, we analysed to what extent subjects studied and grades achieved in secondary school matter for young people’s occupational opportunities.

Social origins, academic strength of school curriculum and access to selective higher education institutions

Focusing on the role of academic curriculum in explaining social inequalities in entering more selective higher education institutions, this paper compares Scotland and the US. This comparison is meant to further investigate the mechanisms of social reproduction in different educational systems, in particular whether and the extent to which different dimension of academic curricula (type of advanced academic subjects, grades and number of advanced academic subjects taken at school) mediate social inequalities in entry different higher education institutions.

BBC Radio Scotland: John Beattie interview with Cristina Iannelli

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 12:00

BBC Radio Scotland's John Beattie interviewed Cristina Iannelli about the latest AQMeN findings on inequalities in labour market outcomes for school leavers. This follows the publication of the CLS working paper titled Inequalities in school leavers’ labour market outcomes: do school subject choices matter?

Cristina's interview is 01.14.28 into the broadcast.

Listen to the interview online here.

Inequalities in school leavers’ labour market outcomes: do school subject choices matter?

Research by Cristina Iannelli and Adriana Duta on inequalities in school leavers' labour market outcomes has been published as part of a working paper series by the Centre for Longitudinal Studies at UCL.


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