Education and Social Stratification

The effects of family economic, social and cultural capital and neighbourhood on educational outcomes

My research looks at the impact of a young person’s access to economic, social and cultural capital at home, and the neighbourhood that they grow up in, on their educational attainment. I am working with the Millennium Cohort Study, a birth cohort study of young people born in 2000, focusing on the English sub-sample.

Employment inequalities and labour market trajectories in 11 European countries before and during the 2008 financial crisis

This PhD project studies individual labour market trajectories under two comparative perspectives: geographical, comparing 11 European countries and more than 40 European regions; and temporal, comparing the period before the European financial crisis (2005-2008) to the period immediately after the beginning of the crisis (2009-2012). Comparing countries across time, I explore the effects of the crisis on different labour markets with different labour market policies, policy responses to the financial downturn and labour market adjustment strategies.

Presentations now available from The Future of Education Data in Scotland

We are pleased to share the presentations from 'The Future of Education Data in Scotland' event which took place on 13th June in collaboration with The Scottish Government Education Analysis Division. 

This one day seminar gave delegates an insight into the rich variety of edcuation data sources available in Scotland and how this data is used by analysts and researchers from across Scottish Government and ScotCen and by AQMeN researchers from the University of Edinburgh and Sheffield Methods Institute. 

Why education matters for democracy

AQMeN Research Briefing 11 - Why education matters for democracy - looks at the connection between an individual's education and their likelihood of participating in democracy. 

Key points: 


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