Crime and Victimisation

Has Glasgow shed its reputation as 'murder capital of Western Europe'? - NPR Radio

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - 00:00

NPR radio interview with AQMeN Director Professor Susan McVie regarding Glasgow reputation as a violent, dangerous city.


Crime falls to a new low - but who benefits? - Holyrood Magazine

Monday, July 6, 2015 - 00:00

Holyrood Magazine quotes research carried out by the Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime, involving AQMeN Director Professor Susan McVie.

Scottish justice system 'punishes poorer people' - BBC Scotland

Friday, November 13, 2015 - 00:00

Scotland's criminal justice system punishes poorer people and makes it difficult for them to escape poverty - BBC Scotland quotes research findings from a study involving AQMeN,  The University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime.

These findings were also published in the November 2015 issue of Scottish Justice Matters.

Scotland's poorest people more likely to be victims of crime - Herald Scotland

Friday, November 13, 2015 - 00:00

A study by Edinburgh University has shown Scotland's poorest people are both victims and perpetrators of crime and recent police clear-up rates have not helped the worst-hit areas of our towns and cities. 

Research by AQMeN Director Professor Susan McVie and Professor Lesley McAra from The University of Edinburgh. 

Scottish Justice Matters: Poverty, Inequality and Justice, November 2015

The November 2015 edition of Scottish Justice Matters, published on Friday 13th November, has been guest edited by AQMeN Director Susan McVie, Professor Lesley McCara (The University of Edinburgh) and Maggie Mellon, Vice Chair of the British Association of Social Workers. 

The edition focuses on poverty, inequality and justice in Scotland, and features AQMeN research into patterns of victimisation in Scotland, the relationship between crime and deprivation, and homicide rates in Scotland.


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