Urban Segregation and Inequality

The impact of immigration on local housing market for England and Wales

The focus of my PhD is on the impact of immigration on local housing market for England and Wales. In particular, the effect on local level house prices is examined through various econometric techniques which are commonly used to infer causality. To help gauge immigration as a positive or negative force on house prices, the theoretical explanation given in the literature is usually through the demand and supply of housing.

Map of housing tenure by datazones - 2011 Scottish Census Data

This map is based on a grouping of tenure (owner-occupation, private rent, council/social rent) from the 2011 Scottish Census. Each datazone gets assigned to one of the resulting clusters and is coloured accordingly.


Social mix: improved local services through social capital?

My PhD looks at the relationship between social mix and local services in Scottish neighbourhoods. The main aim is to examine how access to and quality of local services vary with neighbourhood composition and, secondly, whether the access to services is related to an areas’ social capital.

Why do wind farms drag down house prices in some places but not others? - The Conversation

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 00:00
Gwilym Pryce

AQMeN researchers based at Sheffield Methods Institute have published findings about the impact of windfarms on local house prices in Scotland. 

Led by Professor Gwilym Pryce, the study has revealed that living near a wind farm in Scotland has zero effect on the value of your property and that wind farms can in fact be a positive local asset.  

Read Gwilym's article in The Conversation 


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