Urban Segregation and Inequality

Advancing understanding of the measurement, causes and consequences of segregation and inequality in Scotland and the UK. Find out more >

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The focus of this research, carried out by doctoral student Cathy Zhu, is on the impact of immigration on local housing market for England and Wales. In particular, the effect on local level house...

This research, carried out by doctoral student Johanna Jokio, looks at the relationship between social mix and local services in Scottish neighbourhoods. The main aim is to examine how access to...

In this project we aim to understand how segregation is defined and measured. In particular, we are interested in the dimensions of segregation that different measures...

Research Team

GPryce's picture
Co-Director of AQMeN and Director, Sheffield Methods Institute
Prof Gwilym Pryce
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Professor of Urban Studies
University of Glasgow
Prof Nick Bailey
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Lecturer in Statistics
University of Glasgow
Dr Nema Dean
CTimmins's picture
Professor of Economics
Duke University
Prof Christopher Timmins
SHeblich's picture
Reader in Economics
University of Bristol
Dr Stephan Heblich
DLee's picture
Reader (Statistics)
University of Glasgow
Dr Duncan Lee
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Lecturer in Urban Big Data and Quantitative Methods
University of Glasgow
Dr Jing Yao
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PhD Student
University of Sheffield
Ms Jiazhe Zhu
Johanna Jokio's picture
PhD student
University of Glasgow
Ms Johanna Jokio
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Research Associate
University of Sheffield
Dr Timothy Birabi