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From the first issue of 2014, Scottish Affairs is being published by Edinburgh University Press. This development allows the journal to benefit from the production and marketing expertise of the Press, and places Scottish Affairs alongside an internationally distinguished journals list. Since its founding in 1992, Scottish Affairs has been published by the Institute of Governance (and its predecessor department) at Edinburgh University, but the world of publishing has been transformed in that time, most notably because of the development of online publishing, and the journal needs the expertise of EUP to enable it to move with the times.

The editorial policy remains unchanged – to publish articles on matters of concern to people who are interested in the development of Scotland. This includes articles about similarly placed small nations and regions throughout Europe and beyond. The journal continues to take no position on any matter other than on the need to encourage well-informed debate.

To that end, we launch this new phase in the life of Scottish Affairs with a special section relating to the referendum on Scottish independence that will be held on 18 September 2014. The six papers in this issue are all concerned with the evolution of public opinion in Scotland since 1999 using evidence from the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey, which has been conducted in nearly every year since the Scottish Parliament was established. The details of the use of that data series are explained by the authors of each of the papers, but as a preliminary we explain here some of the background to the survey and provide a quick summary of the main research methods that the papers.  

Saturday, February 1, 2014
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