Patterns of convictions and the crime drop in Scotland

This project examines declining rates of convictions for men and women over the course of the crime drop in Scotland. Initial results show that the drop in police recorded crime in Scotland since the early 1990s has been accompanied by declines in convictions rates for young people, and especially young men. Convictions rates for young men have declined since the late 1980s, whilst convictions for young women only show similar declines after 2007. In contrast, older members of the population do not show the same decline in convictions over the course of the crime drop.

Read more about Ben Matthews' research in AQMeN research briefing 4 Where have all the young offenders gone?. 

Policy relevance: 
This descriptive analysis provides a starting point for further work to understand what has caused these declines in youth convictions and will be of interest to policy makers and practitioners with an interest in youth criminal justice and patterns of convictions.
January, 2014 to December, 2014

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