Gone with the wind: valuing the local impacts of wind turbines through house prices?


This seminar will be presented by Professor Stephen Gibbons of London School of Economics and Political Science.

This seminar provides quantitative evidence on the local benefits and costs of wind farm developments in England and Wales. In the tradition of studies in environmental, public and urban economics, housing costs are used to reveal local preferences for wind farm developments. Estimation is based on quasi-experimental research designs that compare price changes in places close to wind farms when wind farms become operational with various comparator groups. These comparator groups include: places close to wind farms that became operational in the past, or where they will become operational in the future; and places close to where wind farms became operational but where the turbines are hidden by the terrain. All these comparisons suggest that wind farm developments reduce local house prices where the turbines are visible, and the effects are substantial.

Stephen Gibbons is a Professor of Economic Geography, and teaches urban economics, quantitative methods, applied spatial analysis, and Geographical Information Systems. Gibbons is also Director of the Spatial Economics Research Centre at LSE. Research and teaching relates to spatial issues in the economics of education, transport, housing markets, labour markets, health and crime, with special emphasis on empirical methods that aim to understand causality and inform policy.

This event is free for AQMeN members to attend but as places are limited you must register using the link below. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 15:30
201, John McIntyre Building, University of Glasgow

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