Under 18-year olds’ views on Scottish Independence – New survey evidence


With 100 days left before the vote on whether Scotland should become an independent country, AQMeN hosted an event to present findings from a new survey on the youngest voters in this referendum.

The referendum on Scotland’s constitutional future in September 2014 saw 16- and 17-year old voters coming to the polls for the first time at the national level in Scotland. Following on from the AQMeN survey project in 2013, the team from Edinburgh University’s School of Social and Political Science presented updated findings based on a completely new survey conducted in April and May 2014.

The survey addressed voters who would be able to participate in the referendum in September 2014 but who were currently under the age of 18 and therefore excluded from other representative surveys on this topic. This was the only comprehensive, representative survey of this age. It allowed researchers to examine how the newly enfranchised young people suggested they would vote in 2014 and what drove their decision making.


  • Dr Jan Eichhorn
  • Professor Lindsay Paterson
  • Professor John MacInnes
  • Dr Michael Rosie


Young persons’ attitudes on Scottish Independence: Presentation of initial findings from survey 2 (2014)
Dr Jan Eichhorn, Professor Lindsay Paterson, Professor John MacInnes and Dr Michael Rosie, University of Edinburgh
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Monday, June 9, 2014 - 08:30
Royal College of Physicians

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