International Homicide: The EHM and methodological challenges


12:00, 18th March 2016
The Raeburn room, Playfair Library, University of Edinburgh

Although homicide constitutes only a small part of the wider problem of violence, it has devastating effects on families, communities and on society. One of the most forward-thinking developments in homicide research is the construction of the European Homicide Monitor (EHM). The EHM is a joint database for lethal violence which currently includes three European countries; Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands. This unique database is the first homogeneous, comparative sample of lethal violence in Europe and is therefore both ground-breaking and vital for future international homicide research.

With this is mind, the University of Edinburgh Criminology Reading Group 2015-16 present an event focused on homicide research which provides a unique opportunity for delegates to discuss further directions of homicide research and policy, as well as the methodological challenges that international homicide research presents. Two of the researchers and creators of the EHM, Professor Paul Nieuwbeerta from Leiden University and Dr Sven Granath from the Swedish National Council of Crime Prevention, will present their research in relation to the EHM and country-specific challenges with this research. Will Linden from the Violence Reduction Unit will also talk about the work of the VRU and how it relates to the reduction of homicide and violence. Furthermore, Dr Paul Norris and Professor Susan McVie from AQMeN will be presenting their research in relation to homicide in the EU and patterns of victimisation and offending. The event, sponsored by the University of Edinburgh Innovation Initiative Grant, the Postgraduate Research Student Board and AQMeN, will end with a roundtable discussion of possible future directions of international homicide research.

We anticipate this event will be of interest to students, researchers, policy makers and anyone working in the area of violence reduction. The event is free to attend but registration is essential as places are limited. Please register via Eventbrite.

Friday, March 18, 2016 - 12:00 to 18:00
AQMeN, PGRSB, Criminology Reading Group 15-16
Raeburn Room, Playfair Library, University of Edinburgh

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