Understanding and Preventing Youth Crime in Scotland - a resource for schools

This booklet presents the findings from a survey of school children in Glasgow and Edinburgh, aged 12-16, who participated in the UPYC (Understanding and Preventing Youth Crime) Survey in 2015. The young people were asked about their everyday lives and experiences of being a victim of crime and being involved in crime. 

841 pupils took part from 10 schools in Glasgow and 445 pupils took part from 6 schools in Edinburgh. The survey results were analysed by AQMeN Director Professor Susan McVie and Dr Kath Murray from the University of Edinburgh, together with Lauren Herlitz and Mike Hough at ICPR based at BirkBeck University, London. The booklet will be useful to modern studies teachers and pupils, and those focussing on youth crime in their studies. 

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The final report comparing results for Scotland, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the US will be published on the ICPR website in February 2017. UPYC is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

UPYC is part of a much larger international study – the International Self-Report Delinquency (ISRD) survey – in which 35 countries are taking part. You can find further details about the ISRD at www.northeastern.edu/isrd/isrd3/.

More information on the survey’s method can be found in the ISRD3 technical report for England and Scotland on the ICPR website.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Susan McVie
Kath Murray
Lauren Herlitz
Mike Hough

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