Quantitative Methods - teaching guidance notes

During phase I of AQMeN, a set of guidance notes "A guide to teaching multiple regression" was produced by members of the AQMeN Teaching Development Group.  This set of guidance notes has been produced to fulfil a widely perceived and partially expressed need for help with teaching quantitative methods (QM) to social science postgraduates within Scottish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and beyond.  It is not intended to be perscriptive, nor indeed to replace methods and approaches to teaching that are currently being used to excellent effect.

The following topics are covered in the guidance notes:

  • Introduction
  • Starting with the substantive issue
  • Developing the research question
  • Identifying and locating data
  • Choosing and applying the appropriate technique
  • Interpreting the results to advance knowledge and understanding
  • End Note
  • Appendix 1: Examples of a Google search
  • Appendix 2: Multiple regression example problem - using SPSS
  • Appendix 3: Multiple regression example problem - using R
  • Bibliography

AQMeN are currently piloting these materials and if you would be interested in trialing them in your teaching we would welcome you to take part in the pilot.  The materials would be made available to you free of charge with agreement that at request you provide evaluation and feedback about your experience using them. Once we feel that the materials have been suitably evaluated and any changes/improvements made, the intention is to provide them in a more sophisticated presentation format and to expand the guidance notes to include a broader range of quantitative methods.

If you would like to receive a copy of these guidance notes in PDF format, please complete a request form.  By requesting a copy of these guidance notes you must agree to the following copyright statement.  You must also be willing to provide feedback on the notes at a later date as requested by AQMeN.

 © Copyright Andrew Thompson, Susan McVie, Jan Eichhorn, Helen Brown, John MacInnes (University of Edinburgh) and Mark Shephard and Stephen Tagg (University of Strathclyde).

 This document has been produced for AQMeN by the Teaching Development Group comprising Professor Andrew Thompson (convenor), Professor Susan McVie, Dr Jan Eichhorn, Dr Helen Brown, Professor John MacInnes (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Mark Shephard and Dr Stephen Tagg (University of Strathclyde). Any material in this document must not be reproduced or published without permission from at least one of the document’s authors. Materials may be replicated for the higher education teaching purposes; however, no financial gain or profit should be achieved as a result of using these materials.  Users of this manual must agree to participate in evaluation to determine the impact of this manual on teaching in Scottish or other UK HEIs.