Presentations from AQMeN Conference on Rediscovering Inequalities

We are very pleased to share the slides from our 5 keynote speakers at the AQMeN International Conference on Rediscovering Inequalities: exploring the interconnections between crime, education and urban segregation. You can also view these presentations on the AQMeN YouTube channel - see the notes under the videos for timings per presentation. 

Day 1

Professor George Galster, Clarence Hillberry Professor of Wayne State University  -  Spatial Foundations of Inequality: A Conceptual Model.

Professor Yossi Shavit, Tel Aviv University - The Troubled Seeds of Coexistence: Arab-Jewish Integration in Israeli Schools.

Professor Rob Sampson, Henry Ford II Professor of the Social Sciences at Harvard University  - Multidimensional Inequality across the Life Course

Day 2

Professor Janne Jonsson, Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford University  Why is there so little income mobility in the US – and the UK? The role of education and cognitive ability for intergenerational income associations in the UK, US, and Sweden 

Professor Richard Wilkinson spoke about Inequality and Social Dysfunction.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016